Alghero – Sardinia.
Alghero sits on the 41st parallel, within the tract of the north-western coast of Sardinia referred to as the Riviera del Corallo (“Coral Riviera”). Alghero is a charming city with a wealth of history and culture, protected by ancient bastions that jut out into the sea. The area, which encompasses the Porto Conte Regional Park and the Capo Caccia–Isola Piana Marine Protected Area, plays host to lush, well-preserved Mediterranean maquis, pine forests and beaches of soft, fine white sand, alternating with sheer cliffs, solitary inlets and jagged reefs, not to mention sea caves of exceptional beauty – the Grotte di Nettuno (Neptune’s Caves) and the Grotta Verde (Green Grotto).
 In Sardinia, Alghero is renowned for its local Algherese dialect, which betrays a strong Catalan influence, its architectural references to Barcelona – which are so prevalent that it is known as “Barcelloneta” (Little Barcelona) – and its nightlife, since there are numerous venues on the bastions to which revellers throng throughout the year. It is also celebrated for its clean sea and long white sandy beaches, its reefs, gorges and nature reserves, its intact, authentic old town, its culinary traditions, which make great use of lobster and sea urchin, and its wines.